Sometimes it can be difficult to find the positive side of a setback, but Crosstown Solutions, Inc. leaders assure you that it’s there. Here are some of the ways to use obstacles to push your career forward:

• You Build a Stronger Foundation: Much like a building cannot outgrow the foundation upon which it stands, Crosstown Solutions, Inc.’s team believes a person cannot grow beyond the habits, values, and belief systems with which they operate. When a deal or a relationship falls through, use it as a time to reflect on who you are, what you want in life, and whether you’re using the right approach.

• You Learn to Own Your Actions: It’s easy to blame external issues when our plans go awry, but that makes you a victim of forces outside your control. We prefer to consider what we did to encourage the negative situations in which we find ourselves – no matter how uncomfortable that makes us – so that we can avoid similar states of affairs in the future.

• You Become Solution-Oriented: If you want to move forward, you identify ways to do so. In our experience at Crosstown Solutions, Inc., continually focusing on the problem will keep you rooted where you are.

We’re certainly not suggesting that setbacks are fun in any way, but rather that they are inevitable parts of any career. To find out more about the reality of success, visit