Team Crosstown Solutions is in business to connect consumers with the services they need, and we also use our influence to support worthy causes on a local and global scale. Our next passion project will be a charity event for Generations of Nigeria, a nonprofit that provides clothing for children, repairs and/or builds soccer fields, and improves living conditions for villagers in rural areas.

Jarrad, President of Crosstown Solutions, will be the host for the event, and it is his aim to make it a night like no other. He’ll be bringing people from a variety of fields together to network, build, and create a movement. The goals are not only to raise enough money to build a soccer field in the village of Mgbidi, but to create long-lasting partnerships for future projects. We’re also inviting our family, friends, peers, and business partners to come support this great cause, and to enjoy an evening of love, giving back, and connecting.

The guest speaker for the evening will be Walter Powell, a St. Louis native and social entrepreneur who retired from the NFL. After launching his first venture in real estate, buying and renovating damaged homes to provide housing for war vets, Walter started Politiscope. This is an app that breaks politics down into layman’s terms, empowering everyday Americans to take action. It’s also a way for people to become registered voters. He is using the platform of being a NFL athlete, millennial, and minority to create cultural change.

So come out and join us for what is sure to be an unforgettable evening. Check out our Crosstown Solutions Newswire feed for more info.