Our Crosstown Solutions culture is one of our company’s defining traits. Each team member is encouraged to achieve personal goals while also supporting our company mission. We consider a win for one to be a win for all.

Getting together as a group away from the office is one way we ensure the proper workplace tone. Some of our favorite Crosstown Solutions team events include bowling, going out for dinner, or relaxing at someone’s house. We find socializing to be one of the best ways to create lasting bonds between team members and also to increase productivity in the office.

Here are a few other benefits of team nights:

Open Communication: When we’re having fun together, we’re relating in a more relaxed way. Roles and titles aren’t as important in a bowling alley, after all. The benefit of this is that it becomes easier to engage in dialogue with one another in the workplace as well.

Increased Motivation: As team members become more at ease with one another, they feel surer of themselves when sharing opinions and ideas, or taking calculated risks. This increased sense of agency is very motivating for most professionals.

These are just a couple of examples that show how important team building is to our success. Find out more about how we create a culture that supports success by liking Crosstown Solutions on Facebook.