We’re big sports fans at Crosstown Solutions headquarters, so we’re more than ready for the 2019 football season. Our leaders are inspired by the best coaches in the sports world, including how they motivate their players to capitalize on their unique potential. In our workspace, we also utilize the following key lessons from top-flight athletes:

• Simplifying Is Key: The more renowned golfers always take their rounds one shot at a time. Legendary football coach Nick Saban tells his players to focus on the next play or the next drill in practice. By breaking our biggest Crosstown Solutions projects down into smaller parts, we narrow our focus and set ourselves up for major victories.

• You Have to Play to Your Strengths: Our leaders are good at identifying unique strengths and encouraging us to build on them. Top-notch coaches know how to bring together diverse people to achieve great things as well. In our workspace, we complement each other’s strong points to create successful outreach campaigns.

• Visualizing Success Works: Being able to share compelling visions of winning outcomes is a common trait among the best coaches and business leaders. Around our office, we always have specific images in mind thanks to our driven leadership team.

These are just a few ways we apply sports-inspired concepts to thrive. Follow Crosstown Solutions on Instagram to learn more about our work culture and overall approach.