Technology is great. Our screens provide us with access to unlimited information, from blogs to press releases to books. Everyone at Crosstown Solutions is an avid reader, so we appreciate our devices. At the same time, however, we don’t think there’s anything that can replace the benefits offered by actual, hard-copy books. Here are a few reasons you should keep print in your life:


  • Books Improve Comprehension and Retention: There’s no shortage of research indicating that reading digital content consists primarily of scanning, browsing, and focusing on keywords. It isn’t very substantive. The experience of reading a physical book is much more conducive to comprehending and retaining information.


  • Books Are Better for Vision and Rest: Our Crosstown Solutions team knows it’s no secret that screen time at bedtime leads to low-quality rest. The light that emanates from devices interferes with sleep cycles. A dim reading lamp in place while reading a chapter or two in print is easier on the eyes and promises restful nights.


  • Books Allow for Feelings of Progress: When you read a book, you can look back at all the pages you covered. When you finish it, you probably even feel a bit of pride. Reading on a tablet or other device isn’t so clear cut. It doesn’t leave the sense of a completed journey, which is an experience no one should miss!


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