Creating innovative outreach campaigns is at the heart of our Crosstown Solutions mission. We’re inspired to work together toward ambitious objectives because our leadership team sets clear expectations and invests in our ongoing development. Our leaders also adhere to the following successful practices:

• Welcoming Different Viewpoints: We’re encouraged to share our opinions on all key matters. As such, we feel like valued members of the team. By listening to diverse viewpoints, our leaders help us refine our ideas and arrive at the most effective solutions.

• Encouraging Trust: Listening to everyone’s input is one proven way to build greater trust. However, our leaders take things a step further by breaking down barriers that might separate us from our teammates. We communicate across departments and share honest feedback with each other on a regular basis around the Crosstown Solutions office.

• Showing Appreciation: We receive all kinds of recognition, including travel incentives and words of praise in front of our entire team. Our leaders also encourage us to recognize each other’s success. This creates an atmosphere of support from which we all benefit. A win for one is truly a win for all in our inspiring work culture.

These are just a few of the ways our leaders set us up for lasting success. Like Crosstown Solutions on Facebook to learn more about our empowering work atmosphere and get updates on our expansion efforts.