LONG ISLAND CITY, NY – The President of Crosstown Solutions detailed a recent charity event hosted by the company. He also highlighted the featured guest speakers and the topics they discussed.

Jarrad, the President of Crosstown Solutions, was honored to organize a recent charity mixer on behalf of Generations Nigeria. This unique organization, of which Jarrad is Co-Founder, is dedicated to helping African Americans connect with their ancestry. The President noted that Generations Nigeria enables people to learn about their heritage and give back to underprivileged African children. He added that turnout for the mixer, which featured many local nonprofits, was “unbelievable.” Jarrad hopes to give Generations Nigeria a bigger platform, more resources, and room for expansion.

When asked about the purpose of the event, Jarrad stated, “The goal of the mixer was to raise awareness for kids in Nigeria to have a functional soccer field, equipment, and clothing. We aim to bring people from different industries together to build a stronger community and network. We also want to bridge the gap between Africans and Americans to become one.”

Jarrad explained that he wants to make the mixer an annual event for Team Crosstown Solutions. He added that the experience has motivated him to do even more when it comes to philanthropy. “There is strength in numbers,” the President noted. “You can do really powerful things with people who are like-minded. We made connections with so many different industries and didn’t realize so many people had a passion for philanthropic work.” Jarrad added that the next goal for Generations Nigeria is to rebuild the school that the soccer field is attached to in the village of Mgbidi.

Crosstown Solutions’ President on Guest Speakers at Charity Mixer

The Generations Nigeria mixer featured several speakers with a range of perspectives. Jarrad was among them, sharing his first experiences in Nigeria and how Co-Founder Folabi Solanke has inspired him to continue this philanthropic journey. Helen Nwameme-Lawrence spoke about how proud she is of her son and nephew for putting everything together and how excited she is for the future of Generations Nigeria.

Tiana Barksdale-Nwameme introduced the event and several of the speakers from other industries. Nico Gonzalez, an industry leader in construction engineering systems, discussed getting out of comfort zones and how events like the mixer can build communities. Olivia Solanke, the CEO of Juslivxo.com, talked about female empowerment and believing in yourself. Khalia Harrison, who is a nonprofit board member, spoke about how to get in the nonprofit industry and how to gain donations.

Overall, the mixer was an inspiring event for everyone in the Crosstown Solutions office. Jarrad added that he can’t wait for the next team charity endeavor.

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