There are few better ways to kick off a new year than with a team travel event. That’s exactly how we launched 2020 for Crosstown Solutions, attending an annual networking seminar in Dallas. This was a prime opportunity for us to expand our network, and gain wisdom from top industry leaders. We came back to our home office inspired to exceed our goals for the new year.

We were also reminded of a few key networking practices during the Dallas event. One of the first things we did was avoid gravitating to people we already know when we arrived. The most useful insights tend to come from people outside our contact lists, so we try to begin any big event by making some brand-new connections.

It’s essential to do some homework before any networking event. Many of these gatherings share lists of people and companies confirmed to participate, so that makes some basic research a bit easier. We like to home in on common ground well before we arrive at the event. This makes our icebreakers more effective, and usually leads to stronger connections.

Wherever our Crosstown Solutions travels take us, we’re sure to set realistic networking goals. We focus on making a small handful of meaningful contacts rather than trying to connect with everyone we see.

We’re excited to keep building up our networks throughout 2020. For more of our best networking advice, follow Crosstown Solutions on Instagram.