Whenever you deliver your short spiel about who you are and what you do, you must make it memorable – and for the right reasons. Otherwise, it’s either useless or downright harmful. To make sure you make a great impression every time, follow these Crosstown Solutions guidelines.


First, we must emphasize the power in storytelling. Instead of sounding like a robot as you recite your name and job title, describe the purpose behind what you do and what you accomplish in the process. Instead of mentioning that you are a marketer, for example, explain that you help businesses grow by getting consumers excited.


Our Crosstown Solutions leaders also recommend that you look to the future when you deliver your elevator pitch. Make a point or two about your goals for the next few months or even years. By detailing your priorities, others will know whether they can offer any assistance or opportunities.


Of course, you must also customize your approach to your audience. An elevator pitch need not – and should not – sound the same every time you give it. It should vary depending on the people listening to it, whether they are high-level executives, students in a classroom, or your peers. The details you provide should also alter based on what you want to get out of a given interaction.


Once you’ve successfully delivered your spiel, you can segue into a deeper conversation. Your friends at Crosstown Solutions wish you the best! Follow us on social media to keep up with the latest insights!