We’re big believers in the power of mentorship, and every new addition to Team Crosstown Solutions receives personal guidance from an in-office coach. When it comes to maximizing the benefits of mentoring, we’ve become experts. There are a few key concepts we think all professionals should keep in mind if they want to find the right mentors and reach new heights in their careers.

The first thing any potential mentee needs to understand is that she or he have to be ready to learn. Having plenty of time to devote to the process is an obvious first step to take. More than that, a person needs to be willing to accept feedback and criticism from a coach. There’s no question that it takes some real commitment to benefit from a mentor – not to mention an open and flexible mind.

We’ve also found that having clear goals makes for a better mentoring dynamic. If someone knows why they want to achieve something, but they aren’t sure about how to do it, that’s the perfect situation for a coach to get involved. Strong mentors help people approach things with fresh perspective. Even a minor shift in thinking can lead to major results.

As for the Crosstown Solutions mentorship program, we make sure our internal coaches offer in-depth training in all our operations. Our aim is to make our developing associates feel comfortable and confident from their first days on the job.

Mentorship will always be a central part of our success. For more of our thoughts on the subject, follow Crosstown Solutions on Instagram.