Jarrad, our Crosstown Solutions President, also happens to be one of the founders of an amazing charity called Generations Nigeria. This organization is all about helping Americans of African descent connect with their heritage, and providing aid to children in Nigeria. Jarrad recently spent two weeks in the country helping to rebuild soccer fields, and volunteering in various villages. He came back home newly energized to make a positive impact, both at home and abroad.

The experience of giving back is always a humbling one. That was definitely the case for Jarrad during the time he spent in Nigeria. We’re also humbled every time we come together with our Crosstown Solutions teammates to support great causes closer to home. It’s an honor to make a difference in people’s lives, and we come back to work more grateful than ever for the good things in our lives.

Of course, we also get to meet all kinds of inspiring people when we give back. Not only do we get to add local business leaders to our contact lists, we have the chance to learn from those in all walks of life. People with totally different perspectives often help us broaden our horizons when we leave our comfort zones and create positive social impacts.

We’re excited to be led by someone like Jarrad, who is committed to helping people live better lives. Follow all our team giveback efforts by liking Crosstown Solutions on Facebook.