Crosstown Solutions, Inc. leaders are focused on the growth of our team members, sharing with them all the tools and skills they need to succeed in our industry. It is our goal to support everyone in their personal pursuits of achievement, wherever they may go.

Through our commitment to excellence we’ve been able to raise up many leaders, but one in particular we’d like to mention is Edwin D. Time after time, Edwin hits his targets while also inspiring his teammates to achieve their goals. Edwin was just recently promoted to Assistant Manager which is why Crosstown Solutions wanted to spotlight him and celebrate his hard work paying off in a big way.

Edwin joined our Crosstown Solutions, Inc. team after working for both Audi and Nissan. Fortunately for us, he felt stifled by the company culture and growth potential that these companies offered. Edwin wanted an opportunity that would allow him to continuously gain new skills, move into a leadership position, and share his knowledge and motivation in a team-based atmosphere. At the same time, he wanted to continue working in a competitive sales environment.

Edwin found everything he was hoping for here at Crosstown Solutions, Inc., and our company is better as a result. He is an inspiring leader, and he measures his personal success by how much his team members succeed. He believes that anything can be accomplished with a solid game plan, goals, and a strong support system – and he lives out his beliefs every day.

Edwin is truly an asset to our Crosstown Solutions, Inc. team. To find out more about our world-class crew, visit us at