In a world that is growing more dependent on technology every day, it’s easy to lose sight of the value of personal interaction. Our Crosstown Solutions leaders refuse to succumb to this trend, which is why we revisit our people skills on a regular basis. Here are the interpersonal abilities we encourage you to develop:


  • Listen Actively: People often forget that listening is a critical part of effective communication. Instead of focusing solely on your manner of speaking, practice attentive listening. Make eye contact and nod along when others are talking. Try not to think about the time, the notifications on your phone, the point you want to make, or anything else. Just listen, and then paraphrase what you hear.


  • Be Positive: Positivity is a Crosstown Solutions guiding value. It paves the way for constructive conversation and successful problem-solving. What’s more, it spreads. When one person models an upbeat attitude, others tend to emulate it. The same is true for negativity, and it’s far better to infuse optimism than toxicity into your workplace!


  • Take Responsibility: It’s great to share the glory with your colleagues when things go well. It’s not a good idea to spread the blame when something goes wrong, however. Own your actions, and take responsibility for any mistakes you make. Then do all you can to remedy them.


When you know how to interact with others, conveying professionalism and integrity, you position yourself for career success. Find more Crosstown Solutions insights like these, follow us on social media!