Long Island City, NY – Crosstown Solutions’ President, Jarrad, focuses on the importance of helping those less fortunate.

The president of Crosstown Solutions has a special place in his heart for Nigeria, as his bloodline is from there. In fact he has a grandmother who still lives there today. Earlier this year, Jarrad was privileged to have the opportunity to take a trip back to the village where his grandmother lives and runs her very own businesses. He was fortunate enough to meet and spend some quality time with some of the young men in the village. Being a part of the culture, Jarrad made it a goal to utilized his ability of being a business owner and focus on giving back to the village.

Crosstown Solutions is all of Jarrad’s hard work, dedication, and motivation paying off. He built his company with the same values and culture that he believes is the reason he was able to be so successful, what better way to leverage his company and celebrate his success then to share it with the young men in Nigeria. His goal is to provide a sponsorship for a youth soccer team, which is one of his favorite past times. This means reaching out and raising awareness with athletic companies to get those boys the equipment they need.

Jarrad lives by the motto “Success is leased, rent is due every day.“ He instills the mentality with his company as well. Jarrad is very passionate about developing others who may not have the skill-set of a professional and watching them as they grow and mold into that role. “There is nothing more gratifying then having the ability to help others, whether that is friends, family, loved ones, or complete strangers. “He grew up being very involved in sports and built a strong team mentality. Even today he instills that into his team at Crosstown Solutions.

 As a company, Jarrad hopes to continue down the path of philanthropy and share these values of giving back with the people on his team.

“It is a great way to utilize the company’s success to better the world. I also appreciates the skill-building potential that giveback pursuits provide,” said Jarrad.

Jarrad has hopes that molding his team to use their skills to one day grow out of Crosstown Solutions, Inc. and create a business endeavor of their own, that they too will find the benefit of giving back.
Philanthropy has always been a foundation for Jarrad and he is so grateful to have the opportunity to use his success to better others. Crosstown Solutions culture is based on growth and opportunity so practicing these traits in the real world only makes since.

The President explained, “We value our opportunities to celebrate our company growth and success but to encourage our team members to support good cause, it’s even more rewarding to give back as a team.”

About Crosstown Solutions

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