At Crosstown Solutions, we believe in showing off our talent and giving a personality to our team. This is due to the passion of developing people. Our President, Jarrad, is an individual whose drive, passion, and talent helps make Crosstown Solutions one of the industry leaders in the telecommunications industry.

Jarrad grew up in the Bronx and attended school in West Virginia. While attending, he studied both Business Communication and Sports Communication. His hard work and strong work ethic took Jarrad into owning his own business.

“The best part of owning my own business is the freedom it allows me to do. I fell in love with the opportunity. This business allows me to help friends and family, definitely one of my larger goals in life,” said Jarrad.

Jarrad has already accomplished some of his larger goals of which include taking his mom to the Bahamas and helping her more financially in life. What he loves just as much as he loves helping individuals, is in his industry. Jarrad focused his last three years in the telecommunications field learning, networking, and being the best he could be.

Some of the benefits Jarrad has seen in this industry is the ability to be a problem solver for the clients as well as be a mentor to his team.

“I love being able to solve issues for my clients, it’s all about having a mentor and coaching ability with the clients and the team,” said Jarrad, “Being a mentor in this business is huge. You get to develop skill sets in others and watch them take on a more professional role.”

Jarrad believes in this motto; “Fail often, fail early, fail forward.”

“If you’re failing, that means you’re trying,” said Jarrad.