In this article, one of our most recent additions to the Crosstown team speaks on her experience of branching out into a new industry after COVID hit the hospitality industry hard.  Ms. Thea-Donora Williams, 39, had been working in hospitality for over 20 years until COVID came along and halted the world.  

Ms. Thea-Donora Williams, 39, originally from Atlanta, Ga, moved to Brooklyn, NY in February of 2013. She has been working with the company since November 2019 and has made such a positive impact from being recognized as one of our winners from the End of Year Awards Celebration to even creating our very own Women’s’ Empowerment Book Club as well 

Formerly the General Manager for Le Pain Quotidien on the Upper East Side, Ms. Willaims career was primarily in the Hospitality/Food & Beverage industry. She had been working in restaurants and bars in Atlanta and New York City since 2001. Ms. Williams Acquired her Bachelors in Business Administration with a focus in Marketing from Georgia State University and then her mission to grow her career and advance into restaurant management led her to relocate to NYC. 

In March of 2020, the world was heavily impacted by Covid-19, and the restaurant that Ms. Williams was inevitably shut down.  At first, Ms. Williams believed that the closure would only last a couple of weeks, however, a couple of weeks turned into seven months, countless applications, endless interviews, and no job in the hospitality field, at any level of management.  At this point, Ms. Williams decided that it was time to pivot and branch out into the marketing world. 

“ I scraped my resume and started from scratch putting all the transferable skills I’d acquired throughout my career first, followed by the actual work experience,” said Ms. Williams.  She began to broaden her employment net and was able to put her marketing degree to good use by applying with marketing firms across NYC.  After applying for a position with Crosstown Solutions Ms. Williams was contacted and went through the interview process.  After meeting with the Hiring Director and CEO of the Company, Mr. Jarrad Nwameme, Ms. Willaims decided that Crosstown was a “…place where I could make real-life advancement and financial  security on my terms.” 

Ms. Williams had held leadership roles and management positions throughout her career and noted that by joining the team here at Crosstown she was able to sharpen her existing skills but also is now developing multiple ways to approach management and management of people. Ms. Williams also mentions that “there’s the fact that I will be shown how to run a business and not just in the abstract because I’m physically doing my part and building my business every day.” 

Crosstown Solutions is a company that thrives on diversity and willingness. We are open to all backgrounds, career experiences, and education levels. Ms. Williams was able to transfer her hospitality skills and meet the expectations of the role she has acquired with us and is thriving.