If you want to be successful in an interview, Crosstown Solutions, Inc. team members believe you need to have a strategy. Winging it will rarely produce the results you desire.

These are some approaches that Crosstown Solutions, Inc. hiring managers recommend:

• Visualize Yourself Acing the Interview: Athletes are famous for this, as are public figures like Oprah Winfrey. It’s great if you can picture the entire interview going well, but if you’re new to the visualization game try seeing smaller pieces of the whole event. For instance, get a clear image of how you’ll look and feel once the interview is successfully completed.

• Redefine Nervous Energy as Eagerness: What if, when you first met your interviewers, you were excited – not nervous? This may seem far-fetched, but it’s really very simple. Say, “I am excited!” to yourself repeatedly before you start the interview and see how different you feel.

• Use Small Talk to Your Advantage: When you’re mentally focused on the meaty interview questions you know are coming your way, it might be difficult for you to think about such mundane topics as traffic or the weather. Crosstown Solutions, Inc. team members encourage you to treat small talk with care, because these seemingly trivial conversation starters are your first opportunities to build rapport.

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