During job interviews, winning candidates have a strategic plan to show hiring managers they’re more valuable than the skills on their résumé. As we’ve noted through our Crosstown Solutions hiring process, applicants who shine are those who sell themselves through their words and communication skills. Here are some pointers on how to dazzle during an interview.

Within our Crosstown Solutions business model, we take steps to learn about the audience to whom we are presenting. During an interview, people are often asked to speak with different interviewers. It’s important to remember that each one has a unique perspective from which they evaluate candidates. For example, an HR person will be looking at the overall picture and how someone fits with company culture, while a department manager will focus on how a candidate meets the team’s needs.

How we speak matters as well. In our Crosstown Solutions training program, we emphasize the need for clear and concise speech that people can understand. Whenever possible, it’s good to phrase responses in a storytelling fashion that ties together the main point of a conversation and the journey to get there. The key is to be relatable. In an interview setting, candidates should use descriptive examples to highlight experience.

Remember skills are only one factor to score a job.