There is no one skill or trait that determines how successful a person will be. In fact, most members of Team Crosstown Solutions define personal success in their own ways, so the factors involved vary. There are a few attributes that seem to be helpful to anyone trying to achieve anything though, and emotional intelligence (EI) is among them.

Put simply, EI is a way of measuring how well a person can get along with others. It relies on qualities like self-awareness and social awareness, and takes factors like self-management into account.

For a more in-depth description of EI we turn to Joseph C. Rode, author of an article about EI published in the Journal of Vocational Behavior. “It represents the intersection of emotions and general mental ability – sometimes referred to as IQ,” indicates Rode. “It can also be thought of as the extent to which one actively thinks about emotion, or uses emotions as important information in a manner similar to other information such as facts and opinions.”

When we see this trait displayed at Crosstown Solutions HQ, it’s often in the form of higher productivity. Team members who are good at managing emotions and work well with others are simply able to get more done. As you might expect, we promote these high achievers into leadership because of their power to produce results.

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