We enjoy all types of activities to keep our Crosstown Solutions team bonds as strong as possible. If we can be active as we forge stronger relationships, it’s even better. We recently grew closer through a memorable golf outing in Maryland.

Jarrad, our Director of Operations, stated, “Our team members had a great time bonding during this golf outing. We were able to meet up with other offices in the same field as us, so the networking potential was really off the charts. Even if none of us are joining the PGA Tour anytime soon, we’re looking forward to our next time out on the links.”

Although it was a laid-back atmosphere, Jarrad believes in the positive power of competition between team members. He commented, “We often have contests around the Crosstown Solutions office, sometimes with very minor rewards on the line. Our associates also compete for bigger prizes, such as the right to attend exotic retreats. In both instances, there’s a supportive type of camaraderie. We encourage each other to do our best, even when we’re competing for the same prize at the end of the day.”

The Maryland golf outing was just the latest in our series of uniquely enjoyable team events. To learn more about how we use the power of healthy competition to build a stronger team, like Crosstown Solutions on Facebook.