Sustaining success is a question of making the most of the time you have in every workday. That’s our collective Crosstown Solutions opinion, which inspires us to put the following productivity tips to use from one busy day to the next.

We set our priorities ahead of time so that we aren’t sidetracked by emails and other requests first thing in the morning. When we take a few minutes to establish clear goals before bed, we’re equipped to jump right in and make the most of every workday.

Stepping away from the internet is another method we’ve found helpful around the Crosstown Solutions office. By focusing on offline tasks for a while, we reset our motivation and clear out distractions at the same time. Once we’ve completed the most important task at hand, we wade back into the digital realm to see what we’ve missed.

We’ve also learned the power of saying no as we work toward greater productivity. When we get interrupted by someone else’s request, we lose valuable momentum that’s tough to recover. Rather than shutting people down completely, however, we do our best to say, “Not now,” and revisit the request a bit later.

These strategies are helping us get more done with the time we have at our disposal. Follow Crosstown Solutions on Twitter for more of our favorite methods for boosting our productivity.