Select members of Team Crosstown Solutions recently attended the quarterly networking conference in Dallas, Texas. This event is always one we look forward to around our office, so we’re excited to put what our associates learned to good use.

“The Dallas conference brings together so many talented people,” stated Jarrad, our firm’s President. “Not only did our selected team members get to learn valuable insights from top leaders, they also added them to their Crosstown Solutions contact lists. The trip was a great reward for our top performers, but it also provided a wealth of benefits for our team as a whole.”

There was plenty of hands-on training to benefit from at the conference. Jarrad stated, “Our top performers were able to discuss best practices with high-achieving peers, but they also received fresh insights on emerging marketing techniques. It was a learning experience that’s tough to match, because the lessons come from so many different types of successful people.”

Getting away from the office together also helps our team members develop stronger camaraderie. Jarrad remarked, “We have a close-knit team atmosphere, but traveling as a group amplifies our people’s bonds even more. They get to see traits that might not be obvious during the normal course of work, as well as hidden talents that can fuel stronger collaboration on the job.”

The Dallas conference gave our team a real shot in the arm. Find more details on our travel events by following Crosstown Solutions on Twitter.