When we set out to expand our Crosstown Solutions networks, we try to pace ourselves. Even if our goal is to make a small handful of meaningful contacts, though, it can be tough to keep names straight during a crowded event. Here are a few simple but effective strategies we use to make sure new names don’t escape us.

One of the best methods we’ve discovered to store someone’s name in our memories is to repeat it several times during a conversation. Not only does this reinforce the person’s name in our minds, it makes him or her feel important throughout our interaction.

We also ask for business cards from everyone we meet, being sure to jot down a few specific notes so we can follow up with the person later. We’re careful to have plenty of our own Crosstown Solutions cards so that it’s easy for new contacts to remember our names as well.

With regard to follow-up, we make sure to include a couple of things from the notes we made during the event so that the person remembers our discussion right from the beginning. Once we’ve mentioned something specific from our initial meeting, we let the person know we’d like to connect again sometime to discuss potential collaboration.

We’re using these simple strategies to better remember our new contacts’ names. For more of our best networking advice, check out the Crosstown Solutions Newswire.