Our team members give 100 percent effort every day, and we emphasize team unity. This requires creating strong team bonds. A healthy work culture has always been a top Crosstown Solutions priority, and getting together away from the office is one way we ensure a refreshing and exciting company ethos. We recently enjoyed a team night at Sky Zone, an indoor trampoline park, and we’ll do something just as fun next week as well.

Gathering outside the workplace is one of the best ways to boost teamwork. Because of our Crosstown Solutions team nights, we’re not just colleagues; we’re friends as well, which makes working together a smoother process.

Recognition is an important part of our team-building strategy as well. We give props to people for weekly challenges and when they hit important milestones in their career journeys. To show gratitude, we award our people with gifts and/or prizes, up to and including trips to exotic locales for some well-earned rest and relaxation.

Our supportive and empowering culture is one of our organization’s defining characteristics. By recognizing individual achievement while also opening doors to friendships, we motivate our team members to accomplish their goals in ways that benefit the firm as well. In other words, when one of us wins, it’s a win for all.

Team nights and recognition are two of our most powerful culture-building tools. Learn more about our commitment to inspiring success by checking out our Crosstown Solutions Newswire feed.