We continue to surpass our Crosstown Solutions goals for expansion, so we’re also in the market for new talent to build our team. Jarrad, our firm’s President, announced, “We’re looking for outgoing people who aren’t afraid to push themselves beyond their current skill sets. Business-minded people who aren’t looking for typical marketing jobs are encouraged to apply.”

Our immersive training program ensures that any addition to our team receives all the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in our industry. “We give every team member hands-on education in every aspect of our operations,” Jarrad explained. “After completing our initial training program, each associate is well equipped to reach his or her goals.”

Constant learning is a hallmark of the Crosstown Solutions ethos, so those who want to improve every day will feel right at home in our office. We enjoy all types of ongoing development options, including travel to a wide range of industry events.

Jarrad continued, “We know there are a lot of talented people graduating from college in the coming weeks. Many of them won’t have a lot of work experience, but we’re excited to give them the chance to learn. We’re always interested in bringing in forward-thinking people who want to sharpen their skill sets.”

We’re planning to expand even further in the months to come, so we’re excited about adding to our team. Check out the Crosstown Solutions Newswire for updates on our hiring efforts.