Not many people think of their commutes as the highlights of their days. Traveling to and from Crosstown Solutions isn’t exactly what we enjoy most, either. We have learned to find some pleasure in our travels, however. We are generally more engaged and energized as a result. These are some of our favorite commuting pastimes:

• We Allow Plenty of Time for It: We can’t always predict car troubles, delayed trains, or inclement weather. There are many things that can interfere with a timely arrival at the office. It’s easy to avoid the stress of such circumstances by simply leaving our homes with plenty of time to spare. This way, there’s less pressure when unexpected challenges arise.

• We Maintain Positive Attitudes: An optimistic outlook can go a long way. We’ve shifted our focus, approaching commutes as opportunities instead of chores. We use the time to meditate, read, relax, listen to podcasts, make phone calls, send emails, and review our schedules. These are great ways to build momentum before we even reach our destinations.

• We Reduce Distractions: Focus is part of the Crosstown Solutions ethos, and we embrace it in and out of our headquarters. Refraining from social media and wearing noise-cancelling headphones are examples of distraction-eliminators.

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