Throughout 2017, our Crosstown Solutions commitment to giving back was felt across several organizations in our community and even abroad. Not only did we get to be the change we want to see in the world, the experiences each changed us for the better. Here are some observations we’ve made on the benefits of giving back:

• Let Giving Fuel You: When we help others, it just feels good. There’s something satisfying about being generous in sharing our time, talent, and treasure to support a worthy cause. Giving back can be a formal initiative such as a campaign to raise funds for an organization or participation in a volunteer program. However, we can also show random acts of kindness, such as dropping off some home baked cookies at a homeless shelter or donating gently used items to a charity.

• Remember Each Act of Giving Does Good: Through our efforts to give back, we know that we’re making a difference in someone’s life, whether it’s big or small. What might seem like an inconsequential act to us could mean much more to the recipient.

• Find Opportunities Year-Round: While many people think about supporting causes during the holidays, the need is great all year long. In the Crosstown Solutions office, we find ways to give back throughout the calendar year. People need access to food and clothes every day, so there’s always a chance to help out at soup kitchens or stock food pantries. Some groups have special events to which we can donate. It’s not hard to find ways to aid others any time of year.

Our Crosstown Solutions team routinely engages in philanthropic activities. Follow us on Twitter to see which causes we’ve assisted.