Travel is one of the perks our people enjoy working for Crosstown Solutions. What makes it more special is when we have a chance to go on adventures, from conferences to retreats, as a team. Recently, select associates from our office headed to a quarterly networking conference in Dallas, Texas. Let’s learn more about this experience and why it’s so good to take trips together.

“We’re fortunate at Crosstown Solutions to have opportunities to get away from our office. These networking conferences are more than just an escape from the ordinary,” Jarrad, our President, explained. “Each time our team members venture to a quarterly or national conference, or our end-of-the-year R&R retreat, they return more confident and more knowledgeable.”

As Jarrad noted, the networking conference in Dallas is particularly enriching. “Our people got to meet other professionals in the industry, plus many influential leaders,” he said. “There’s a strong educational component as well, including hands-on training from some of the top experts in customer acquisitions.”

“While only a few people are selected for each of these events, the entire Crosstown Solutions office benefits because they return with a wealth of knowledge to share with their fellow team members,” Jarrad added. “They might learn about new technologies, trends, or techniques than could increase our impact.”

We’ll be headed to a new event soon. Check out our Newswire to learn more about our travel adventures.