Leadership is a Crosstown Solutions principle that influences every aspect of our operations. Jarrad, the President of our organization, feels especially strongly about this topic. We recently asked Jarrad some questions about being a business leader, and here’s what he had to say.

“I have a lot of people who depend on me, like my family and all my team members. They inspire me to deliver by my actions and not just my words,” Jarrad explained. “It takes a strong leader to manage a group of individuals as talented and ambitious as the Crosstown Solutions crew, and I take pride in every success they achieve.”

When we asked him what leadership strategies he uses, Jarrad said, “There’s no substitute for leading by example. I only ask my team to do something I would also be willing to do. In addition, when I demonstrate how I want something completed, I model the behavior I expect from others. For example, I think it’s important for people to invest in themselves, both financially and through continual learning. Therefore, I make a habit of doing both those things for myself.”

The most important takeaway that Jarrad hopes we gain from observing him? “It is important to pass along knowledge and kindness to those around you. I firmly believe in living by the Golden Rule. I incorporate this into my business by being a strong, reliable leader, and being a force for good wherever I can. One act of kindness can change the world.”

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