Building and maintaining a team-oriented environment is one of our top Crosstown Solutions priorities. We recognize each other when we hit our personal goals while rewarding those who commit to our firm’s mission and objectives. In other words, a win for one of us is a win for the team.

We invest in our unified atmosphere with frequent team nights and social events. “After a successful week, we enjoy each other’s company away from the office to celebrate promotions and milestones that were recently achieved,” stated the President of Crosstown Solutions, Jarrad. “We believe that if our team members have strong relationships outside of work, they will bring that bond to the office and use it to motivate each other. We are excited for every opportunity – big or small – to spend time together away from work.”

Recently, the New York Jets invited our entire organization to watch a scrimmage game. This was a great honor for our people, and it gave us the perfect activity to bond together over a shared love of one of our hometown teams. Plus, it ignited our competitive spirits, which is a great mind-set to be in at the beginning of the third quarter.

We invest in our culture, knowing it is one of the pillars of our success. To see what kind of outing our team enjoys next, like Crosstown Solutions on Facebook.