College graduates entering the job market for the first time often come across challenges based on their limited work experience. While certainly their educations provide them with the theoretical knowledge necessary to perform work in their fields, prospective employers tend to look for hands-on expertise. Enter our Crosstown Solutions internship program. Recently, four individuals joined our team through this venture.

“We are fortunate enough to have a program for recent grads or even students who are still in school! We are so excited to announce that we have just brought four new interns on board,” said Jarrad, Crosstown Solutions’ President. “Our entire team looks forward to helping Kerry, Pushhkar, Joe, and Nadalv learn the consulting and marketing services ropes.”

As Jarrad explained, our Crosstown Solutions program is immersive. “Essentially, our interns are receiving the same training as our incoming executives,” he said. “They’ll work right alongside our seasoned pros and learn the ins and outs of how we create outreach for our national partners. This isn’t your typical fetch coffee and make copies internship. They are getting real world experience they can put right on their résumés.”

“This is a valuable learning opportunity for them, but it is also very beneficial to us because we have a couple of extra hands to help around the office!” Jarrad noted.

We look forward to the contributions our interns will make during their time with us. Check out our Newswire to see what other opportunities we offer at our firm.