Stellar performance is always noticed in the Crosstown Solutions office, so we’re excited to highlight Johsa and Victoria this month. These admins are performing at a very high level, helping to push our company to greater heights. They both bring great attitudes to their work, with ambitious goals for the near and distant future. In this way, they set ideal examples for everyone else on our team.

Jarrad, our Crosstown Solutions President, explained that Victoria was recently on the top Idols list for more than half the year. She has a great personality and brings positive energy to every day on the job. Victoria has strong natural leadership skills and hopes to expand her network to three new offices in the months to come. Jarrad has full confidence in Victoria’s ability to do just that.

Johsa brings these three top strengths to the table: work ethic, growth-oriented mind-set, and emotional intelligence. What excites her most about our business is the fact that new positions are always being created. Johsa explained that our booming industry provides all kinds of chances for career advancement, no matter what role a person currently occupies. She’s very excited about our recent Inspire Energy campaign and hopes to be more active in mentoring others in the near future.

We’re all excited to watch Victoria and Johsa advance their careers. Like Crosstown Solutions on Facebook for regular updates on these two standouts and all our top performers.