Team Crosstown Solutions is on a mission to make better choices every day, which is why we’re excited to volunteer with the local YMCA for their annual Kids Eat Healthy Day. This event is one of the many we’ll join in this year with our philanthropic partner.

There is so much fun planned for Kids Eat Healthy Day that brand ambassadors from Crosstown Solutions will probably enjoy this event as much as the children. Everyone will take part in educational games, learn about making healthy choices, and even concoct their own healthy snacks. Each unique activity is designed to promote fit minds and bodies, so we’ll probably discover a thing or two along with the kids.

Perhaps the key reason we’re taking part in this cause is because making a positive difference in a child’s life is extremely important to Jarrad, Crosstown Solutions’ Founder and President. He believes that every child deserves to have a safe person to confide in, and developing healthy habits is vital for any individual.

One of the most satisfying experiences for our team is to see the impact we’ve created when we do good in our community. What’s even better is that we get to share this great feeling together, make some awesome memories, and build bonds as colleagues while we’re serving as volunteers.

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