One of the most common Crosstown Solutions traits is being goal oriented. We strongly believe that continual growth is vital for success in this (or any other) industry. This is why we teach our team members how to set and achieve objectives as part of our training program.

“Without targets to aim for, it’s easy for people to feel like they’re standing still in their careers,” explained Jarrad, President of Crosstown Solutions. “Goals provide motivation and structure to a person’s efforts. Also, they keep him or her on the lookout for ways to move closer to big objectives. This principle works for organizations as well as individuals, which is why I set both personal and company goals.”

That feeling of success that comes with achievement is what energizes us, so we always have specific and measurable goals for which to strive. In fact, we teach a system for goal setting called SMART, which stands for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-sensitive. In other words, we don’t wish for something vague to happen sometime in the future: we determine exactly what success looks like, how we’ll know it when we see it, and how long it will take us to get the job done.

By visualizing the outcomes we want to create for ourselves, aligning our motivations with our situations, and then defining the action steps we need to take to reach our objectives, we achieve success. Check out our Crosstown Solutions Newswire feed for more on the importance of having goals.