The primary purpose of community giving is to help people in need, but the benefits are far more numerous. When we exercise our Crosstown Solutions commitment to philanthropy for example, we feel good. Morale soars throughout our workplace. What’s more, giving back together allows us to strengthen our connections. As we grow closer, our collaborative spirit flourishes. Charity work even puts us in touch with others in our community, so it’s a great means of networking.

Giving obviously isn’t just about donating money. Monetary assistance is nice, but there are plenty of other options. Crosstown Solutions campaigns are reputed for building awareness and engaging consumers, and we sometimes use these skills to spread the word and garner support for good causes. When we help other agencies this way, their leaders learn new outreach methods from us.

Encouraging activity is another means of creating impact. Perhaps you can take a morning walk with your elderly neighbor every morning. Alternatively, you might volunteer with a youth organization and coach a sports team. If you have friends who are new parents, they’d likely appreciate a few hours of babysitting so they can get out and do something fun and active.