Our Crosstown Solutions mission extends to providing our people with the resources they need to advance in their careers with us. Leadership is the top goal for our executives. Therefore, we impart many lessons to help them polish their managerial styles. We want them to be able to take on new responsibilities and lead their own teams. Here are three key skills they work on:

” Learn to Delegate: When someone advances to a leadership role, he or she is challenged with entrusting work to team members. Our Crosstown Solutions culture is designed to empower our executives. We encourage them to collaborate and learn new skills. As they grow into leadership roles, they become more comfortable supervising duties rather than performing tasks themselves.

” Model Behaviors: Great leaders know that their teams are always watching and learning from them. This means not only what they say, but what they do. In our Crosstown Solutions coaching model, our seasoned managers are tasked with providing individualized guidance to our newest associates. These incoming team members follow their coaches’ leads, including emulating their behaviors.

” Become a Generalist: As managers continue to gain responsibilities, it’s important for them to focus less on their specialized areas of expertise and more on the big picture and overall company vision. This means learning a little bit about each role.

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