What makes a business sustainable? The answer is a great company culture. When the workplace is positive, it transcends to all aspects of the company, from customer satisfaction to overall image in the community and beyond. Here are three factors we’ve noted within our Crosstown Solutions office that can set the stage for a thriving culture:

• Be Rooted in Values: Values are the tenets upon which each firm is built. Our Crosstown Solutions culture is rooted in integrity, excellence, professionalism, and collaboration. We set the tone for our firm’s actions and success based on these core principles that guide us.

• Hire for Cultural Fit: There are two things to consider when hiring people: their skills and their personalities. Companies should strive to find people who share the same work ethics and whose values are aligned with the firm. In fact, in the choice of two candidates who have comparative skill sets, the one with the better cultural fit is the best choice for retention and team morale.

• Make Team Composition Diverse: Our Crosstown Solutions workplace is comprised of people from diverse backgrounds and experiences. We look for people who have different skills and personalities to fill in the gaps in our team. Everyone has unique strengths that together can complement each other when we collaborate.

Company culture is the key to sustainable business and associate retention.