On any given day, you’ll find members of Team Crosstown Solutions deeply engaged in outreach for telecommunication providers. Connecting with customers on behalf of our partners is what we do. We are a people-centric company that cares about those around us, especially our community. We’re grateful to our neighbors and local businesses, which is why we choose to give back in varied ways.

Recently, we rolled up our sleeves and tried something unique to help a family-owned farm prepare for winter. Everyone in the Crosstown Solutions office ventured to Triple J Farm in Windsor, New York, where we helped restore the barn so that their free-range chickens would be protected once the cold winds start to blow across Long Island. This cause was important to our team members because this farm is a small business whose livelihood depends on the eggs these chickens produce, which are then served in local restaurants and cafes.

Helping others is a group effort. Here are some of the guidelines Crosstown Solutions follows when we engage in social good:

• A Worthy Cause: As a team, we vet each organization we support and make sure everyone on our team is on board with helping out.

• Set Goals: Impact matters when we’re sharing our time and treasure, so we establish measurable objectives for giving.

• Have Fun: Volunteering should be a rewarding experience, and one that brings warm memories of everyone pitching in. Making sure we have a good time is as important as whatever else we do.