When we welcome interns into the Crosstown Solutions workspace, we provide them with hands-on experience in all phases of our operations. Jarrad, our firm’s President, explained that new college graduates who want to embark on rewarding career paths should consider the firm’s spring internship program. He added that those who give 100 percent to the program can enjoy an extension into a summer internship or even earn a full-time job offer.

We pair each intern with a seasoned team member who can provide one-to-one coaching with an insider’s perspective to our Crosstown Solutions’ model. This is the best way for recent college grads to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom and build lasting confidence at the same time. Our interns learn about the hard work and dedication needed to thrive in the customer acquisition industry and how they can use their unique talents to find their niche.

Our company benefits from bringing interns into the fold as well. Jarrad stated that the fresh points of view from recent graduates tend to elevate creativity around the office. Interns also tend to be very comfortable with emerging technology, which has a positive effect on our existing associates as well. There’s always a buzz in our office thanks to the energy our interns bring each day.

We’re ready to meet with some of the season’s brightest graduates. Follow Crosstown Solutions on Instagram for updates on our internship program.