We’re always ready to give a compliment at Crosstown Solutions HQ. Recognizing our associates for their contributions is a part of our culture, and we actively seek reasons to pat each other on the back.

This month, we wanted to make sure that Aida received some recognition for her outstanding performance. She truly stands out from the crowd, and even won the Top Leader’s Award at a recent leadership conference. We appreciate all her hard work and look forward to watching her career journey unfold.

Of course, we’re not just observers when it comes to the success of our executives – we participate. Our Crosstown Solutions training program ensures full knowledge transfer and skill development, and we take specific steps to help high achievers like Aida achieve their full potential.

For instance, knowing how to set goals is vital for success in the business world, so we coach our team members on how to set worthwhile targets and then strive for them. Long-term objectives (which require a year or longer to fulfill) are important, but we take them a step further and break them down into quarterly milestones. Not only are they easier to create, and give you small goals to work toward over the short term. Each smaller win builds momentum to secure the next.

Congratulations Aida! We know you’re just getting started. To learn more about the ways in which we foster talent, check out our Crosstown Solutions Newswire feed.